Perpetual Contract and DEX

Hunterswap will enable DEX traders to experience perpetual contract trading by providing a continuous and flexible way to trade without expiration dates.

We will do this by introducing a state-of-the-art DeFi synthetic leverage protocol that operates seamlessly within our DEX to offer users the ability to trade with zero slippage.

That is to ensure that every executed trade price matches the expected price, thus eliminating the potential for unexpected price variations during execution.

Moreover, with the Perpetual Contract feature, traders can access leverage of up to 50x! This amplification of trading power will open doors to diversified strategies to enable users maximize their potential gains.

Thus, whether you are a seasoned trader looking for advanced tools or newcomer seeking a powerful yet user-friendly platform, Hunterswap Perpetual Contract feature will offer a secure and efficient environment to explore and execute trading strategies with confidence.

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