Minting Your Hunter NFT on HunterSwap

Unleash the spirit of HunterSwap by minting your very own Hunter NFT—a symbol of strength, agility, and boundless potential. Follow these steps to mint your Hunter NFT and join the ranks of the Hunt

Step 1: Navigate to Minting Page

Go to the Hunterswap Mint page or simply click on "Mint" on the Homepage.

Step 2: Connect Your Wallet to COMBO Testnet

Follow the wallet connection instructions for the COMBO Testnet provided HERE. Ensure that your wallet has enough gas for the transaction. Click HERE to acquire some if needed.

Step 3: Complete Tasks in the Community Section

To mint your Hunter NFT, complete the specified tasks, such as joining the Telegram community and following HunterSwap on Twitter.

Step 4: Mint Your NFT

Click on the "Mint" button to initiate the minting process for your Hunter NFT.

Once completed, you can check your newly minted NFT in the "My NFT" section.

Important Note: Each Wallet Can Mint One Hunter NFT

Embrace the randomness and excitement, as you'll receive one of the four unique Hunters, each with its distinctive characteristics.

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